Anthogenol Vegetarian capsules 100C

Anthogenol Vegetarian capsules 100C

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Anthogenol® is a naturally derived supplement (MASQUELIER's® Original OPCs) that is not only a powerful antioxidant helping protect against free radical damage, but it may also help protect capillary walls. Anthogenol® may help the body to preserve collagen protein, supporting skin elasticity and may help reduce the physical signs of ageing.


Take one capsule per day before a meal to assist general health. For eye and heart health, take one capsule two to three times daily before meals. For varicose veins take one capsule three times daily before meals. The best moment to take MASQUELIER's® Anthogenol® capsules is 30 minutes before a meal, or between meals, with a large glass of water or juice. Taking the capsules with a meal will not have an adverse effect on the efficacy of the product provided you don't take the capsules with milk, yogurt or other protein drinks or food.


Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. 

Vitamin supplements should not replace a balance diet.