Blue Jacar Home Natural Crystal Soy Wax Scented Candle-Wishing Wizard

Blue Jacar Home Natural Crystal Soy Wax Scented Candle-Wishing Wizard

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Principle: Lapis Lazuli, Malachite

A combination of Lapis Lazuli and Malachite will help to overcome depression quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. It also helps to draw out and discharge negative energy.

Top Note: Amber, Cedar

Middle Note: Sandalwood

Base Note: Vanilla

Burning Hour: 45 hours (Burning 1 cotton wick) ; | 30 hours (Burning 2 cotton wicks)

Candle jar:5*9cm | Wooden box :12*12*8cm


  • Make sure the wick has at least 7mm or trimmed wick to 7mm when every time before burning the candle.
  • For the first time burning, please make sure to keep the candle burn for an hour.
  • Do not burn Blue Jacar candle for less than 1 hour and more than 4 hours.
  • Please keep this candle away from children and pets.


1. When first burn your Blue Jacar Home candle, please burn it until the wax pool reached the edge of the candle. If burn less than an hour the wax may not be melted to the outside of the candle and left the unmelted wax around the edges and eventually may drown the candle wick.

2. We use 100% natural dried flowers and herbs while candle-making to give fragrance, please make sure to mend the dried flower and herbs when every time you start or finish burning. In order to prevent causing any damage or burnt on dried flower and herbs, but also avoid any possibilities to produces black smoke.

3. Always trim your wick after you light your candle. And stop burning if the wax has 15mm or less left in your candle.


Blue Jacar Home collection candle is made by 100% of nature fiber cotton wick & 100% high-quality soybean wax, with natural essential oil which direct extracts from fruits, plants, and flowers.