Restoria Discreet Colour Restoring Cream 250G

Restoria Discreet Colour Restoring Cream 250G

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Gets rid of grey hair the same way you got it, gradually. Restoria Discreet works slowly over time to return natural looking colour to your hair. It gradually darkens grey or white to a light brown, dark brown or black if desired, allowing you control to the colour.

Regular use of Restoria Discreet prevents grey roots reappearing. Works for all hair colours and gives natural results.



Shampoo hair clean and towel or blow dry hair thoroughly.

Apply with the tips of your fingers.

Gently massage Restoria close to the roots and comb it through your grey hair.

Apply to your hair daily for about three weeks.

Your grey hair will vanish gradually.


Do not use on broken skin.

Wash hands thoroughly after use.