Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil 10ml

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil 10ml

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Thursday Plantation 100% Tea Tree Oil is distilled from carefully selected leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia commonly known as tea tree. It is a potent antiseptic which has terpinen-4-ol, a germicidal, that is 30 percent greater than International and Australian standards. It is an effective antiseptic that can help prevent bacterial infection on abrasions, treat fungal infections and acne.  


Apply directly or with a cotton bud on minor cuts, boils, insect bites, pimples and acne. Use sparingly.  

Cautions & Interactions:

Always read the label. Use only as directed. Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs.

Do not use internally: this product has been designed for external skin application.

Avoid eye contact.

Thursday Plantation believes in the power of essential oils and natural ingredients in nourishing the skin and restoring its health. Each product has been tested to a high standard and is ideal for whole family use.