Vierra Forrest Supreme Essence 8x50ml

Vierra Forrest Supreme Essence 8x50ml

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Vierra Forrest Supreme Essence 8x50ml Pack

New Generation! New Taste!

A powerhouse essence to bring back your youthful glow!

  • Helps prevent premature ageing.
  • Helps fight the signs of ageing.
  • Boosts skin health for a radiant, glowing look.

Product Description

Vierra-Forest Supreme Essence 50ml x 8 is a superfood for your skin health. It's infused with free-radical fighting pomegranate and blackcurrant extracts and skin-smoothing bio-enzymes.

Renowned for its effectiveness it helps in plumping and firming the skin to decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles, helps in promoting cell turnover for a smoother, younger-looking skin.

The essence contains:

Pomegranate 8,600 mg - a super fruit that's extraordinary effective in both anti-glycation and anti -oxidization, which equals to 50 times of VE or 20 times of VC.

Grapeseed 20,000 mg - rich in natural polyphenols such as proantho cyanidins and resveratrol and multi-vitamins, which work hand in hand in preventing premature ageing and fighting the signs of ageing.


Adults: Take one serve a day before or after meal. Can be taken as one bottle concertrate or dilute with up to 250ml of chilled water.


Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. 

Vitamin supplements should not replace a balance diet.